Benefits of Dentures

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Missing teeth can be detrimental to not only your smile’s aesthetic but to your oral health and function as well. For patients who are missing upper, lower or both arches of teeth, dentures are the traditional prosthetic. At Brite Smile Dental, we provide high-quality dentures, allowing for the convenience expedient fabrication and repair. Dentures at our Gun Barrel, TX practice are fabricated to look like natural teeth.

Benefits of Dentures include:
– Restored Bite Function – These prosthetics restore confidence in the appearance of the smile and the ability to chew comfortably.
– Removable – Dentures use adhesive and natural suction to remain affixed.
– Accessibility – Traditional removable dentures are accessible for all patients. We offer different financing plans for dentures, which vary based on the materials used.

Whether you’re looking for the convenience of a retained denture, or one that you can snap on and off with ease,Brite Smile Dental offers tooth replacement options for unique treatment.

Implant-Supported Dentures in Gun Barrel, TX

At our Gun Barrel dental practice, we correct ill-fitting, unreliable dentures through implant placement and restoration. We surgically place as few as two implants in the bottom or top arch for prosthetics to be affixed to.

Utilizing a surgical guide to place implant posts, our denture lab fabricates your prosthetics to complete your smile. Implant posts act as the roots for your restoration and prevent the need for continual denture adjustment that is often needed after prolonged tooth loss. Patients are able to enjoy the foods they love with the stability provided by implant-supported dentures.

We offer All-on-4 bridges, a fixed alternative to dentures when restoring missing teeth. This prosthetic is secured four implant posts and cannot be removed by the patient. At every 6-month check up with our Brite Smile Dental office, you get a professional cleaning of your implant restoration. Daily wear and care are done normally, with no additions to your at-home oral care routine.

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